Things to do when in Rwanda

Most visitors to Rwanda come to track the endangered mountain gorillas in the far northwest of the country, on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains within the Parc des Volcans and also to visit the Dian Fossey grave. Gorillas are peaceful primates, the largest and most ferocious looking of the ape family, and the chance to view them from up close is a thrilling as well as awe-inspiring experience. Tracking them can entail anything from a one- to four-hour trek through the forest, and on steep mountain slopes, but groups are once they have been located, to prevent behavioral disturbances and the possible transmission of diseases from humans to gorillas. Gorillas share 95% of their genes with humans and people with even a common cold are not allowed to join a group, as this could be fatal to the animal. All treks are led by experienced guides, trackers and anti-poachers, with permits allowing for a maximum of eight visitors per group.

* You may decide to trek the Virunga Volcanoes between Ruhengeri and Gisenyi. Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most commonly climbed volcano from Gisenyi.

* On your arrival in Kigali city, you may carry out the Kigali city tour being that Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and also a home to the Genocide Museumwhich documents the 100-day massacre in 1994. Cultural safaris can be made inline with the Rwanda National Ballet which is famous for its traditional dancing and singing

* AKagera National Park makes you get closer to some of Rwanda’s incrediblewildlife. The park has a variety of wildlife and is a habitat for over 500 species of birds. The park is committed to game preservation and has lions, zebras, antelopes, hippos, buffalos, leopards, apes, impalas, crested herons, fish eagles, cormorants, giraffes, elephants, elands and warthogs.

* The most prominent tourist attraction in Butare is the outstanding National Museum, which houses perhaps the finest ethnographic collection in East Africa. Absorbing displays of traditional artefacts are illuminated by a fascinating selection of turn-of-the-century monochrome photographs, providing insight not only into pre-colonial lifestyles, but also into the subsequent development of Rwanda as a modern African state. Butare also boasts craft shops and a botanical garden. Drive to Nyanza, the historic home of the Mwami, the spiritual leader and king of Rwanda. The last Mwami is in exile in Washington, D.C. There is a reproduction of the Royal Hut. Nyanza is about 30 minutes from Butare.

Gorilla Tours
Travel across the landscape of Rwanda’s topography and meet its hospitable people, and view the rare and endemic species of birds of Rwanda including the elusive shoebill stork in the Nyungwe wetland forest. Visit the highland gorilla families, 7 of which are accessible to tourists. The Virungas of Rwanda are the last outpost of the endangered mountain gorilla, and their lush slopes provide an appropriately dramatic natural setting for what is perhaps the most poignant and thrilling wildlife experience to be had in Africa.

Trekking Mountain Gorillas in Parc National des Volcans is one of the most memorable experiences of a life time. There are seven gorilla groups habituated for tourism. Parc National des Volcans is well known for its undulating volcanoes that give a spectacular view of Mount Karisimbi, Bisoke, Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhavura.