Mountaineering Safaris

Mountain Hiking in Rwanda is one of the fast growing tourist activity this is due to the merging of hiking and mountain Gorilla treking activities together. This is very possible because its part and partial of the hikking expeience that one gets before reaching the summits of the volcanic mountains.

“Its not only an adventure but also a good health execise to do during a vacation”, said one hiker I found at the summit.

It may seem to be a tirsome activity but once taken and completed, it brings one great breath taking feeling as you look at the world from one of the highest points in the area and walking through the experince of the need to protect the endangered species of the rear mountain gorillas in the wild. For what you call wild it’s what they call home.

Therefore, the hike is not only an experience, or an Adventure but a race that was once take by a young lady (Dian Fossey) in her quest to ensure the servivial of the rear species of ‘Africa’s gentle giants'(Mountain Gorillas) and can be taken by those with the courage to bring hope to nature’s survial for future genartions.